Suppress midi event doesn't work [ SOLVED ]

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I use a hardware sequencer to control the TR909 plugin from Roland. When i start the hardware sequencer after some time the internal step sequencer from the TR909 plugin starts playing.
This is strange because i use a midi filter (see image) to filter out the start and stop commands (cc 32,33) and the midi clock.

Hey Sander,

the CCs you are filtering out are Bank Select and Modulation, not really the start and stop commands according to the MIDI standard.

According to the TR909 manual, the controls to start and stop aren’t CC32, 33, but note numbers 32 and 33 - so you should be filtering notes, not CCs


Also, you might want to filter out the MIDI system realtime messages Start (0xFA) Stop (0xFC) and Continue (0xFB) - not sure if these are created or received, but probably can’t hurt.