Is there a Sum/Mix/Masterbus where I could add a mastering plugin like iZotope Ozone/Nectar?


Couldn’t you just create an “output” rack and route all other racks to that for final processing.

Thanks, will try.
Is this the correct way to do it, there is no Mixbus/Masterbus like in a DAW?

Hi Robert,

That’s the accepted way to do it with the product. This is not a DAW, though it has many similarities. Cantabile was designed to be flexible with regard to MIDI and Audio routing, you create your own output routing environment based on your requirements in your setup. Some folks have 2 master output racks because they have multi channel interfaces and have different instrument mixes or mp3 media sources routed to them. You can create your own custom Master Out Bus, Aux Buses … etc. Also you can create your own labeled input and output ports for your racks you use in this manner (as a sort of summing bus strip).


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Tahnks for detailed answer.

Just to make sure I correctly understand what you are suggesting, I did the following quick test:

Created a new song
Added a synth plugin and named it Synth
Added a rack (via Insert/Embedded Rack) and named it Mixbus
Added a route from Synth Stereo Out to Mixbus Stereo In
Added a route from Mixbus Stereo Out to Output Port - Main Speakers

Result: Silence, does not work

When I set Synth Stereo Out to Output Port - Main Speakers then it works.
Is there anything else I have to do?

regards, Robert

Yes! In addition you have to open the embedded rack and connect the stereo rack input port to rack stereo out or directly to the main speakers output port. Than it will work! At the moment the synth goes into the rack, but since you haven’t connect the rack input to anything, you don’t hear anything.

Btw: you should than save the mix-rack as a linked rack so you can reuse it in every song!

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