Suggestions on Gear

Hey everyone, David here again.

After I read Terry (the master) Briton’s comments on setting up Cantabile with my legacy, aging iTrack solo and i5 desktop PC and his suggestion on the Scarlett 2i2 or Solo (I’m a musician, but just want an interface to do Live recording with noise reduction and reverb plugins for video tutorials either camtasia or OBS).

I’d like to hear from the experts here and their experiences, let me tell you I do have a mac book Pro 2012 (aging too) with SSD and 16Gb of RAM, tested the same setup itrack solo, blah, blah but with Element, Jackrouter, Soundflower (the same on Windows) with the same results.

Now, is it the iTrack which is 7 years old?. is it me?.

Any advice will be highly regarded and appreciated.