Suggestions on fixes


Three things I constantly run into.

  1. Choosing an own keyboard shortcut for adding plugins doesn’t work. It works after I go into options and hit OK. But prior to that, it doesn’t work.

  2. If adding plugins, often I wish to add more than one plug-in at a time, but that’s not possible. Also, and because of this, when I add another plug-in, I often want to go back to the specific folder I was in, but I then have to navigate to that specific folder. Having an option to stay within the same specific folder i was in last time I added a plug-in would be nice.

  3. In the routing table view, It’d be nice if the route target on the input port would follow the specific order of my plug-ins under output ports, or at least an option to have it like so, since I often put my plug-ins in specific order according to how the signal passes along, and not in alphabetical order.

That’s all. Cheers!