Suggestions HTML notes

Please Brad, can we please please please have a simple HTML editor with simple markup in te notes window.
I don’t see the problem and afterall we are 2018 this should be basic stuff.
It would make cantabile so much more useful and professional to have some decent score.
There are so many HTML editors around some even free. Shouldn’t be a problem i guess and the existing non formatted text won’t have a problem either.
I just don’t get it why this feature isn’t added after so many request.
For me investing in a new license of cantabile was in the hope that useful features as this ge implemented.

Another useful thing would be key shortcuts to song list colors, this way you can easily assign a color code to songs you need to check later on, just by tapping a key.


so many options these days.
@brad, can you please consider?
I think so many people would be thankful for it.

Those editors are for embedding in a web browser (jQuery is a web technology).

I’ve looked at many HTML implementations for C# but haven’t found one that I’m happy with, has suitable licensing and are cross platform Windows/Mac etc…

ok thx, sorry to hear, this would really make music life easier for me :wink: