Suggestion: Why not expand the Preset Snapshot Modell to Racks and Songs?

It’s not just guitarists who have a fixed set of plugins and just want to change the working parameters of these plugins. There is often no need to change the Plugins or the Bindings.

Example: changing the amp in the modeler, turning on the distortion, changing the modulation, etc.

Extending the existing preset snapshot model to the areas of a rack or even a song would be an elegant solution.

Welome to the forum, @Savoyarde!

Actually, there is a “preset model” for racks and songs - rack states and song states. A rack state captures the configuration of a rack (everything you have activated “State Behavior” for inside the rack); a song state stores the configuration of everything controlled by state behavior within a song.

Give the “Guides” Section a read on Rack States and Song States - I guess you’ll find how you can do what you asked for in your examples quite easily using these features.

Cantabile has a bit of a learning curve - there’s usually multiple ways to achieve things once you’ve understood the fundamental principles and mechanisms.



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Thanks Thorsten.
The States function actually seems to be the solution to my query. Unfortunately it is only available in the performer version and not in my solo version.

Well, you get what you pay for…

Honestly, if you’re about more complex configurations, Performer is definitely a great investment!

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Uhhh… I had already used up my Performer trial account some time ago.
I created a new account to test the performer mode again.
You’re right, Performer Mode is absolutely worth the extra cost.
I will switch now.



You won’t regret it