Suggestion to help more casual users of Cantabile

Woah. That’s awesome Terry - thanks so much for helping out with this. Please send me anything you put together and I’ll help spread it around…

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States has its own video here:

I’ve created a playlist on my channel to contain all the tutorials I can find or that I create myself.

The first ones are the ones Brad has made and are also available on his YouTube channel (though not yet in a playlist form there)

And also on the official Cantabile 3 tutorials page.

I can make more on the topic of states, for sure! There are so many nuances! :sunny:



Since the list so far is not categorized or prioritized, and represents a first pass at a variety of Cantabile components and features, should we look to keeping the list as a “sticky” so as the user community finds other areas that could use more help, it would be easier to find this (now lengthy) post to add items.

Or any other way to keep an ongoing set of helpful comments for new or casual users of Cantabile.

From my perspective, the Into video seems to be adequate to get new users started using Cantabile, and I feel the real need is to develop “use cases”, like us IT people tend to term them, which look at couple of commonly used setup situations. For example, a guide that walks a user through the process of setting up a main keyboard with two splits, a couple of control bindings, and adding some VST’s, showing the various menus and settings options along the way.

Another example might be a setup of two keyboards and a control surface with bindings and several racks with explanations of the hows and whys, along with a more detailed intro into setting up Songs and Setlists.

Something like these two scenarios could bring a casual player up to enough of a level to more fully understand the comments and issues of more advanced users on this forum.

Just some random thoughts on this topic…

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Yes, this might be handy to make it a sticky item.

I’ve been sick the last couple of weeks, but have made a mind-map to house my outlines for a few videos. I may share that when it has enough stuff in it!


Terry… Quick cure for being sick. Something my father handed down to me and it most always works to make on feel better.

  1. Make a strong cup of tea (I like the Orange Spice teabags).
  2. Add about 2+ tablespoons of honey and stir until honey is dissolved.
  3. Add a slice of lemon and stir to get the lemon juice flavor.
  4. Now add the magic ingredient that makes it really work… a tablespoon (or so) of Rock&Rye liquor. May be a bit hard to find, but larger liquor stores should have it. It’s made from rock candy.

Sip it nice and hot just before bedtime. I found it almost always works to make you feel a lot better by morning!

Sometimes you need to add a little more Rock&Rye to get the best effect. You can probably substitute for the Rock&Rye if you can’t find any, but suggest not messing with a proven solution!

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I’m ready to try that - even if I get better before finding the Rock and Rye! :smile:


Yeah, I think I’m going to try it and I’m not even ill! :grinning:


Here is a good one reviewing Racks by Torsten:

Going to provide a quick reply that maybe Brad can use, and others can help maintain.

Perhaps a FAQ with input (e.g., Thorsten’s replies) on this that is posted on the Cantabile site, but maintained by Thorsten or other contributors. This could also be a Wiki, but that takes a bit more management than a single doc that someone can download, printout and reference.

I’d be happy to help, though I am far from an expert on Cantabile (today).


Hey Guys,

Another possibility for this now is guest posts on the new Cantabile Blog on Medium. Since it’s a Medium Publication I can fairly easily accept posts from others.


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That is an awesome idea! If it has categories and/or tags, it might make for some of these more information-rich how-to posts to be found by others.

I’ll go look it over!


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