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I consider myself to be a casual user of Cantabile, unlike many of the posters who are professional musicians. I have used Cantabile2 and migrated to Cantabile3, and read this forum daily. It seems to me that there are a number of users who struggle with the key concepts of Cant3, e.g. states, set lists, bindings, embedded racks, etc. and may get put off at fully appreciating the great things Cantabile3 can do, even for the casual keyboardist. I recall wondering about when I should be using a song versus a set list, and how to best organize a playlist of 20 midi songs that I play along with for a casual session in my studio.

One thing that I really like about the forum, is that several of the real experts, e.g. Neil, Torsten, and others, often take the time to talk about a specific example of what they are trying to do and how Cant3 is used to make it happen. Until I read a forum post recently, I hadn’t though about the advantages of putting instrument groups into separate racks, i.e. organs in one rack, strings in another, horns in a 3rd rack, then embedding those racks as needed.

If I were a newbie to Cantabile, I believe I would greatly benefit from reading about examples of using Cant3 to make life simpler. My suggestion would be to gather up the helpful examples of using Cant3 many of which are buried in the forum comments and put them into some sort of separate forum or document that all users of Cantabile can review and benefit from. In addition, perhaps other users that are successfully using Cantabile can post their “real-life” examples and how they setup Cantabile to provide a solution.

I realize Brad is heavily involved making the product better, so there isn’t a “staff” person to do something like this, but if someone would setup a process for a forum or a document, I could help by copying the “use cases” I find in various forum comments into the designated place.

Again… just a thought to help newcomers trying out Cantabile to see more easily how flexible and useful the product can be.


Someone suggested awhile back that many of Torsten’s explanations become sticky notes. I have learned so much from several people in these forums and always look for their input. They are so generous with their time. I really enjoy the many screenshots everyone uses also. This forum is invaluable to me.

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Sticky notes might be a good way to do this, however, I don’t understand if a full forum topic has to be “sticky” or can one just pick one of the replies and “sticky” that?

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You’re absolutely right!!! I know Cantabile is a treasure box but I haven’t got the right key yet. I need some brief “How To …” lists or something like that. I would appreciate it VERY much.

Until such help docs become available, I would urge you to post “how to” questions on this forum, no matter how basic they might be. There are several “super gurus” on this forum that are quite willing to provide answers and guidance, as well as lots of other users who have likely struggled through the same learning curves as you might be facing. Even the Cantabile creator, Brad, responds to questions on the product! Reading through the posts others write is also a good learning experience, because you can always do a reply on something you don’t understand.


Hi All,

I really like the ideas behind all this, but in practice I’m not sure what the best solution is. Certainly there are some forum members here who answer questions better than I do and I’m very appreciative of the time and effort they put in to this.

I’m open to suggestions on how to best address this problem. I’m also open to providing a platform for anyone willing to write up case studies, tutorials, walk-throughs etc… Weather that be sticky posts, guest blog posts, links to external articles or other formats I’m open to pretty anything in that area.

At this stage I’m struggling with balancing development vs support vs creating training materials so any assistance or suggestions is welcome!


I think guest blogs or tutorials would be great.


Tell you what, everyone. Post links to the individual posts you found useful (right-click on the “time period since posted” to the far right of the poster’s name, at the top above the “Reply” button, like “12d” and copy link location to paste here) and I will make a video for any of those that look like I can do so. In some cases, I may collate a few into one video. :rainbow:

I’ve got doing tutorial videos well under my belt (see - I don’t want to be the “only one” doing videos (you can find many videos by me there on how to make videos!), but I don’t mind helping, and it will get me back into the flow of doing them. (I’ve not made one in over a year now…) :flushed:

That’s my offer! I just need the suggestions! :notes:



Sounds great, Terry!!

Just to clarify…are we to post the links to: (1) this existing thread, or (2) embed each link in a separate post with a title on what the link relates to, or (3) should we just start a post called “Terry Britton Video”?

You can just post them to this thread. I am following it and receive emails when someone posts.


Cantabile used as a Vst rack - #5 by Neil_Durant Torsten’s explaination

I have plenty more that have really helped me.

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Those are great! Let’s collect around 10 or so, so that I can examine them to see what I can consolidate into single videos with a few items in some cases. Good start here, for sure!


Here’s another good topic: MMC - Record Play Stop forward rewind

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A guide and opinions on use of racks within songs…

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I Don’t Understand “States”.

I don't understand states?