Suggestion: Suppress notes filter takes a range


I’d certainly find it useful.
Sometime I borrow keys from a sampler to play lower octaves of a synth.
Or sometimes I retrofit some pizMIDI processing on a few notes.


Logged here.

I would find this extremely useful. Or have a new, separate “key range suppress” filter.

I often have a very busy piano part (say), but need to cover notes, chords or samples in another VI. The piano part precludes using a different keyboard or a simple keyboard split. So I find some notes that are not in the piano part as such, but are playable in addition to the piano part. I then have to set up multiple routes to make those “holes” in the piano.

It would be great to able to have a single piano route with multiple key range suppress filters. (In theory, same for the other VI… but since I select the notes for that based on them not being in the piano part, and playability, they are usually at arbitrary pitches, each of which requires a separate transposition and hence a separate route anyway.)

OK… just seen you’ve delivered this in 3258, @brad - I should have checked first.