Suggestion: Simple markup in the notes

Would be handy if we could have bold, Italic or maybe colors… (like this bar above this forum editor where I’m typing now)

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you already can format your notes in the window you’re writing them in, but only the whole text.
I agree, a simple markup could be handy.
@brad already knows about that idea and I guess he is thinking about something somewhen!


Yeah I’m considering some simply markdown style formatting but beingin the middle of porting to Mac I’m particularly conscience of cross platform issues here.

(In other words this isn’t a trivial addition, but I’m aware of it and will have a better idea how to implement it once I understand the Mac side of things a little better).

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No hurry, just put it at the bottom of the list :slight_smile:
It’s nothing i can’t live without but would be handy if i could mark something bold or underline in the lyrics.

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