Suggestion: Revert to saved song

Please correct me if I’m wrong. When working in a set list and I tweak a song and don’t like the results, the only reliably way to get back to where I started is to reload the song. However, I only seem to be able to do this if I close the set list and reopen it which can be a very lengthy process.
It would be great to have a ‘revert to saved’ option.


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Yes i have this same problem, see previous topics. I thought it was my issue only. My idea, if you reload the song it should be the version as saved on the file. It’s also safer so you don’t have any suprices.

Correction, it works in my latest version !
Do you have the latest ?

I’ve just updated to 3227 to try it out. Unfortunately it’s not behaving how you describe.
I load a song.
I disable a route.
I press load song from the menu and choose the same song.
It asks me if I want to save.
I say no.
It ‘reloads’ the song.
It has not reverted to the original song; it still has the disabled route.

In order to truly reload the song I must first load another song first or start a new song. After that opening the original song does not reflect the changes.


Logged it


this is working well.

Is there a new version out?

I’m using the latest stable.

hm me to, but I couldn’t have that function working.
how are you using it?
just switch between songs and does it reset to the initial state of the song or does it keep the modifications?
or probably it’s not working, because for most songs I don’t have an initial state set.
I need to check everything.

I used it when I’d messed up a song and wanted to get back to the last saved state.

guess I’ll have to add an initial state to every song, as Thorsten also recommended, which is pitty, because now my top ticker is clear, only the song name, and then it would add the state name. It confusses anshortcircuits my mind ! :smiley: hahahahaha