Suggestion/Request -Pop out File / Plugin / Rack Browser

Hi All,

Thanks Brad for new site. 

In one of my many emails to Brad I asked about the possibility of a pop out browser manager for Cantabile. It would maybe help organize and link together all the plugins, racks, media files, songs, setlists … etc and if were doable provide drag and drop support from the browser window . I don’t know if that will mess with touch screens and admit I need some schooling on how difficult this would be. Maybe a long term thought. If this has already been talked about i couldn’t find a thread on it so if there is could someone please point me to it.

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Hi Dave,

Re, the new site… thanks for signing up and contributing. Hopefully others will find the site useful too.

Re, the browser idea, I agree, something here would be very useful. At this staging I’m trying to focus on providing the bare minimum UI.

eg: inserting existing racks could use a smarter popup, but a file open dialog suffices.

My current thinking is to provide the minimum and then gradually fix the biggest pain points as those points become more obvious - which is why your feedback on this is appreciated.

Hi Brad,

There are finally some other folk asking about this. Any idea if this is a feasible expenditure of resources?

Thanks. :grinning:

Hi Dave,

Thanks for reminding me about this. I’ve logged it so I don’t lose track of it again.

What does everyone else think? Is this useful? Feel free to post ideas/suggestions for how this might be used.


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As long as I could tuck it away when not needed, I think it would be great!

An easy to see list of one’s existing racks would be handy, as presently you need to “add existing rack” to see your directory listing, which is not nearly as easy to read as a sidebar list would be, I’d guess.

The plugins list could incorporate folder lists, so you needn’t see all your plugins at once. A favorites folder, even!

Even a list of existing saved presets would be handy, rather than needing to specifically visit the Racks and Presets folder to see what is in there, perhaps. Right now, one does need to add a plugin to see those (as I happily just found out!), but perhaps people would use the presets feature more if they were easily visible in a picker on the left column or somewhere.

I definitely wouldn’t want it there all the time, though!


Agreed, it should pop out and in! :smile:

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