Suggestion - per-channel gain sliders and level meters

Suggestion about the “Output Ports” row in the routing page. The fader and level meter seem to be for the combination of all output ports. Would it be possible to have this row expandable, so when collapsed it shows what it does now, and when expanded it shows one row for each output channel / pair? And additionally have this channel-level gain be controllable from song state?

I do have a task for ability to individually control output channel levels, but not sure where it fits in the priorities right now and also I was probably going to implement it as a separate panel - rather than expanded output ports slot.

Separate panel works! I wouldn’t say it’s a big priority - I don’t think it would provide any functionality you can’t already do, albeit in a less straightforward way.


Thinking about this more, the tricky part here is making it clear exactly what you’re changing.

eg: a mixer panel like this could be applied right at the output port stage, or it could be a set of song/rack settings and where do these settings get saved.

I need to think about this fairly carefully I think.