Suggestion: MIDI VST default output route,,,,,

Hi @brad,
When using a MIDI vst it always sets a default audio output route, just as if it were an audio vst. Can you detect that it’s a MIDI vst and not set this default route, or even better set a MIDI out default?



I’m not sure if it’s possible yet, but I was also kinda looking for this.

  • Defaults for Stereo out ports (I use a rack instead of the default output, so when I forget this setting, I have a loud direct sound :slight_smile: aiaiaia caramba :wink: )
  • Default midi channel and filters, for new added plugins (should be ch1 instead of omni in my case)

+1 that would be useful for me too. I do only work in racks. So this would save some work.

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Where can we add this to the trello? @brad ?

Notice how Cantabile can differentiate between instruments and FX?
The answer is in there, I’m betting.
+1 for the suggestion.

I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same :grin:
I mean it would be handy if we could set our own default for the input track settings and the output rack.