Suggestion: improve switching song states

First of all: hello to everyone, i am Tom.
Furthermore: i want to excuse my poor english :slight_smile:

I was wondering how you change through song states while performing on stage.
I am doing this with an usb foot switch which sends a key combination, let’s say CTRL-ALT-N. The only thing what is bothering me is that i can only assign it in cantabile 3 to “next state (delayed)”, which is useless for me, because i need the change to happen immediately.
My workaround: i wrote a small programm which sends a midi control change whenever it recognizes a key press and i added a trigger in cantabile which performs the state switching when it gets the control change.
An additional advantage of this method is, that i declared the hotkey as a global hotkey (inside my small program), so it doesn’t matter if cantabile is the active window or for example my personal chords-viewer (which i want to present in the next days) is on top.

Or do you have any other suggestions for me to switch song states by foot? I don’t have the ability to connect a foot pedal to my master keyboard which could send control change, by the way :slight_smile:

Perhaps that would be a nice idea to integrate into cantabile 3? (global hotkeys + instant state switch)
Another cool feature would be if the song states would loop after reaching the last state. For example, when i have a song which contains two different sounds, one for chorus and the other for verse, then i have to create only two states and can change between them directly.

What do you think?

Greetings, Tom


Hi Tom,

Welcome to the forum :smile:

These are both logged here and here.

These smaller tasks I tend to knock off when things are quite… but right now I’m kinda busy.



Hi Brad!
I should have read the complete backlog and ideas list, it was the last entry :smiley: