Suggestion for Show Notes and Media Player

When Cantabile is running, image files used in Show Notes, and media files used in Media Players are locked so that Dropbox cannot update them. This makes it awkward to set stuff up if you run your live Cantabile machine separately from another desktop machine you use for preparing media, images etc, as I do. The workaround is to close Cantabile, allow Dropbox to update the files, then relaunch Cantabile. Any way we can have these files not locked on disk, and to be able to update them if they change during a session (either automatically or by an “Update media” command) ?


Hi Neil,

That’s odd, the only files Cantabile should be holding open are audio media files (because they’re streamed from disk as they play). Other files should be closed. Let me look into it.



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Show notes images are now closed after being loaded.

Media file behaviour is as before - MIDI files are opened, read and closed. Audio files are kept open because they’re streamed from and Cantabile needs to preload part of the file so it’s ready to go as soon as you hit play.