Suggestion for 'New Song-State' Dialog


Suggestion for the NewState Dialog…(Song-based)

It would be good if you could exchange the text box for a list box ( …with own proposals)

It could make the input of constantly same texts easyer ( Intro, Verse, Bridge etc.)

so it would be only two mouse clicks to a new Songstatename…


For me and my workflow it makes sense to go step by step from 1 state (building) to the next

so i have everytime the exact rack states from exporting…

so in this case mostly it makes no sense to copy an other song as template and then I have to type

constantly the same words

…in this case It would be a good help for me


Hey Juergen.
I just converted a bunch of song lyrics from another program to Cantabile, I used copy+paste to build the song structure under notes on everything first, the went back through and added the lyrics. For me at least, it made doing it a lot more efficient.

I tend to use the same format over and over again, so I use a template file instead of a new file. Maybe instead of starting a new file each time, create a song template with your most commonly used configuration, and open that instead?

vaHi Robb,

in my case it is a little bit different.

I have many embedded racks that works as Switches for light devices so i have as example a device (scanner) with 8 rack’s that call functions like: mirrorpositions,gobo,goborotation,prisma,Prismarotation,moves,strobes…

so when I copying a state I have an ecactly copy to work for my next step and here I can do little changes…in light scenes

so for me it is the better workflow to build it up step by step…

(but I also copy Songs when It is a similar songtag…)

but I noticed the most steps I do …Is with the Mouse : choose and click

only on a new state I need my Keys for statenames and it would be nice for me to do this also by a click.

(maybe I will do It with Key-Shortcuts if it works…called with buttons ???)

…but I think a dropdownlist would be a professional solution

Cheers Jürgen

Good idea: logged here.