Suggestion - Do not turn audio engine off when opening Tools/Options window

Every time we open Options window through Tools menu, the Audio engine is automatically turned off and then on, procedure that usually produces noises. As Cantabile is made specially for live performance, I think it would be a great improvement to reinitialize audio engine ONLY when there’s a change related specifically to the audio engine. Sometimes, we do only an inspection on those settings, without changing anything, or change some settings (like those in recording tab) not (directly) related to the audio engine itself. Don’t know if it’s feasible as the software were initially build, but it would be very welcomed.


Hi @abaymajr

Thanks. Interesting idea and although it’s never been asked for before (not that I can remember anyway) I’ve logged it here and will see if it get’s any support/votes


This was always a bugaboo for me on C2.
Anything that causes the audio card to issue clicks when it’s not being directly altered is a little troublesome.

abaymajr sums up the issue quite succinctly. A big thumbs up from me on a tweak to immunize the audio card until the Audio Engine tab is accessed.

OK noted.

It’s actually not that easy to implement as the options dialog makes quite a few assumptions that nothing is running. As mentioned it’s logged but not a high priority right now.