Suggestion: Bigger song TITLE + nr

@brad, might I do another suggestion.

could it be possible to make the song selector popup (when you choose a song by midi) bigger and with the song NR in front?

This way it’s easier to find the right song number when using my rotary on the midi keyboard (I do have a number on the rotary screen that says where I’m located in the setlist)

Also make it bigger, Like double the size, at least !
Maybe let us decide in the theme how this is shown? :wink:

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Yeah I really need to revisit that thing. It was written very early on and I always intended to come back to it but never have. I’ll put it on the list.

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Thx for the edit Brad, would it be a big work to have the ticker window follow the going through the songs? Also the song list. (i have this always open on the left)
I ask this because I always have to look very close where we are located in the sequence of songs when switching inbetween or searching for a song.

Not sure what you’re asking here. Do you just mean bigger fonts in the ticker and set list side panel?

You can adjust the ticker font - move focus to it and use page up/down on either row.

Currently can’t edit font size of set list side panel.

Or, have I missed your point?

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I mean that the tickers follows the song change like in the song popup when dialing. Only, in the ticker or better the song list you can see where you are located in the setlist. (musicians slang lol)

Ah. Are you talking about this.

@Ade - you seem to disagree about this?

Yes. I wrote
" I’m not so sure. Can we discuss? IN C2 There was something reassuring about knowing when it was safe to start playing - and something a little dangerous about jumping in too soon."

I’m not sure @So_Godly is talking about this though.

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