Suggestion: Add sustain checkbox to the filter windows

I do this manually by adding the Supress event CC 64 now, but would be handy to have that checkbox also.
Also the mod wheel.

Not sure why this should be added - next someone will say “add expression checkbox”, then “volume checkbox”, …

Sustain is a CC controller like any other; mod wheel as well. Different for aftertouch (channel pressure or polyphonic) - this is a different MIDI message, that’s why it needs to be addressed differently. But why start treating some controllers differently from the others?

I see the potential for confusion (check the box for “filter sustain”, but then “allow CC 64”?!?!) greater than the benefit.

Not voting for this one…




I agree with Torsten - although it would be convenient, it opens up the possibility of inconsistency/confusion.

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Well, since Notes, aftertouch, pitch bend, program change are there, I think mod wheel and sustain are also basic settings.
But correct, same goes for the later than?

Maybe it would be better to only have Suppress/allow and instead of the manual input field, the 127 list with the CC?
Otherwise I always have to go look up what CC a function is :wink:

The difference is that notes, aftertouch, pitch bend and PC are different and individual MIDI commands - you can’t address them with control changes. But sustain, sostenuto, expression, modulation, breath and a whole shedload of others are control changes; picking some for checkboxes and ignoring others would be a design nightmare…

Re having a list of 127 checkboxes: oh no :scream:; I’d just scroll myself to death every time I want to allow or suppress something. I guess anyone using Cantabile for some time will need to get used at least to some of the MIDI basics like controller numbers (and yes, I do have to look up the more exotic ones). Maybe just having a button that pops up a simple table of useful CC numbers would help?

TBH, there aren’t so many relevant ones (at least for input filtering):

  • 1: Modulation wheel
  • 2: Breath controller
  • 4: Foot controller (drum hihat)
  • 7: Volume
  • 10: Pan
  • 11: Expression pedal
  • 64: Sustain
  • 65: Portamento
  • 66: Sostenuto
  • 67: Soft Pedal
  • 121: Reset All Controllers
  • 123: All Notes Off

There you go: just print this list and paste it to your monitor :grin:



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I actually find the ability to use a string to define controllers and ranges of controllers really useful, for being able to copy/paste into another filter. A load of checkboxes would take away this ability…


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Hm true
Ok I see the light now :slight_smile:


Maybe an (i) icon with the CC list would be handy so I don’t have to put that list on my desk Hahahahah :wink: