Suggestion: ability to hide plugins in the Insert Plugin dialog

I would like to know if anyone else thinks this might be helpful & if it is, maybe it could be added to the interface? I don’t think it would be difficult to implement, but for ME it would be very useful.

How about some filters in the “Plugins” section for doing things like “Hide/Ignore” for certain plugins? I have LOTS of plugins that ONLY work in the DAW they came with, but still show up here. Some of them I even have more than one plugin with the exact same name. I have to look & see what folder the plugin is in to make sure I don’t try to add a plugin that won’t work in Cantabile. So since they won’t work in Cantabile I would like a way to not have to see them in the list of VST/VSTi.

Even if there was another checkbox down by “Favorites” (Favourites) that says “Hide” or 'Remove from list" or something. Of course, there would need to be some way to “Unhide” them, so if you accidentally hid the wrong Pluigin you could bring it back.

And / Or:
A way to drag & drop plugins into lists we make.
A way to sort plugins by criteria we have: Manufacturer, Type, Use (for guitar, for bass, for vocals, for sax, Drums, Synths, Samplers, etc), Color (all Blue plugins or Greed plugins) etc.

Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? Job Offers? Contributions?

More control over the VST lists would be very nice. It’s not an issue that really adds more than a few seconds to the workflow for me but I really would like to be able to customise that list the way I can in say, Sonar.

I’m not at all opposed to this. Logged it here, will be watching the votes :slight_smile:

PS: Updated the title of this post to better reflect the content.

There are several plugs that I do not use anymore that would be nice to hide. I have the most used plugs in favorites so it is really not a huge issue for me, but, there have been several times I wished C3 would allow me to ignore Plugs that don’t load properly, or hang up, or are corrupt, or take forever to load. Then again, if I were on top of things, I would eliminate them altogether. :grin:

It would be nice to have more control of that section.


I can’t vote on the Trello app, “you don’t have permission to edit this card” - am I doing something wrong?

Why don’t you put the plugins, that Cantabile is not able to use, in a separate folder on your drive and do NOT add this to the VST-folders in Cantabile? This way Cantabile wouldn’t scan those plugins => not visible in the Insert Plugin dialog.

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Well, partially because for a lot of plugins once they are installed and registry entries are established you’re asking for trouble if you start moving them around. I’d really like to be able to group VSTs under subheadings in Cantabile: Organs, Synths, Samplers, Delays, Reverbs, etc. etc.

Plus, for reasons I haven’t taken the time to establish yet I have some duplicates in my list. This would allow me to easily hide the dupes without accidentally deleting a working plugin.

I think to vote on Trello, you need to be logged in.

I voted from the website after Favoriting the cantabile board, but the app still gives an error. I’ll report a bug to Trello.

Normally you just need to be logged in - not heard of this problem before. Let me know what trello says.