Suddenly slow Song State changes?

Songs that used to be fine are now having 2-5 sec delays to change states. This is primarily using sforzando rack… other songs using anything but the sofrzando rack are fine. I’ve checked all settings, etc. but can’t figure out what it is. No bindings at all. Time load is still low, around 7-8%, cpu system around 2%. I’m on build 3652.

I have one rack with 2 instances of sforzando… 1st rack state/song state merely routes the midi into sforzando 1, 2nd rack/song state changes only the route to sofrzando 2. So new samples don’t need to be loaded.

I don’t think it’s the sforzando rack states because I can switch rack states with no delay. The only other thing I can think of is just recently I started using exported states more, but not on this rack, and not on any other rack used in this song; I’ve checked and there are no exported states on the song’s racks. The only other thing I can think of is this song is a couple years old and i’ve made changes along the way… can the song file get “overloaded” or corrupted somehow? Grasping at straws, I doubt that because I have much older songs with nmore changes, but not using sforzando. I’m in the process of checking more but so far it’s only songs with that rack. I’d hate to have to rebuild the rack if I can avoid it. Here are some screen shots. Thanks!

Well I started suspending and deleting racks and discovered it’s a Kontakt rack. But the same question remained, what’s causing it? I did find in the Kontakt rack, which used just Kontakt and the same state for the entire song, I had another plugin but it was suspended in all states (Synth 1)… I had Entire Bank checked both for Exported (parent song) and Rack State. Unchecking the Exported box seems to fix it. Even though it was suspended that was apparently causing a problem. If anyone has any insight into why that is please let me know. I have other racks where I have Entire bank checked on both the Exported and Rack State and they don’t exhibit the same issue. Maybe Synth 1 isn’t compatible with that approach…? Thanks!

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Kontakt 7?