Sudden dropouts; how to diagnose

Haven’t played my rig for about 6 weeks. At practice last night I would get random ragged dropouts. Cantabile timeload was anywhere from 20-50%, so I don’t think thats the problem. I was running at 48K @128 so I gradually backed down to 44K@256. Didn’t seem to make too much difference. The only change I recall making during this period is installing a VSL piano which was not loaded at the time, windows updates, and a new version of Process Lasso full version.
I’m sort of leaning toward a problem with Lasso.

In general terms what should I look at first (I have implemented Glitch-Free long ago). I’m guessing something outside Cantabile is overloading the processors.
Thanks in advance for any tips!!

Hi Steve,

The way I would diagnose at the point you are at (PC configured for Real Time Audio) would be to start the task manager and leave it running in the task bar. When you get a glitch pull it up and check the performance graphs for spikes in either CPU, Memory or Disk activity. It will tell what process is involved in the spike by hovering over it. In my case the Memory compression of Win 10 started causing interruptions in my audio when the system went to compress the memory. I shut the compression down on my rig and it appears to have helped. Not sure if that’s your case but it is possible. You could also run Latency Monitor and it might show the culprit. I hope you get it sorted. :slight_smile:


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Thanks @dave_dore. I will give it a shot and report back.

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So after a few hours of testing with my son (who has a whole bunch of different tools) we decided the problem was memory related. I originally had guessed a boot track error. Opened the case, reseated to modules, retested, and voila`, I am back in business.
I also got rid of the swap file; I have 64G of RAM so no real need for it. Seems a little quicker without it.
Thanks @dave_dore for your suggestions. i ran the task manager and resource manager. Also realized I hadn’t shut off WIFI so that was adding a little extra load. I am continuing to test but so far everything is great.