Success, thanks to Cantabile

Could not have done this without Cantabile.

Began 10 months ago largely clueless about the digital music realm. Last week I pulled off two one-hour solo ambient shows - “Chill Night” concerts at a retreat center in the LA area. Sylphyo into {Laptop + XpressO + VL70-m} into {Strymon Timeline + Boss RC-505}. Used a drum pad (MPD218) into Cantabile to trigger song transitions, instrument selection, patch selection, etc. The circular setting had a gonzo sound system and was lit with a large flock of tea-light candles.


It all went recording-quality poifect.

Would never have gotten here without Cantabile, and the assistance of many on this forum (particular shout-out to @terrybritton for the course he led).


Hi @ClintGoss

Awesome… thanks for sharing and pleased to hear it went well :slight_smile:


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Super!!! :smiley:


I neglected to name the author of the photo: Marcyn Del Clements … Thanks Marcy!


Just released the Chill Nite album from this concert – free for streaming and download at

I played the first five tracks live over a sparse nature soundscape. I played the last three tracks live, supported by the recorded music of my mentor, David Darling, pianist Alexander Nakarada, and the drone sounds of a particular species of “drumming fish”.

Virtual versions of real-world instruments include Native American flutes, clarinet, oboe, cello, mandolin, tubular bells, chimes, Armenian duduk, bansuri, and silver flute. I also played virtual-only instruments: Heaven Bells, Respiro (Desert Wind), EVI-NER, Marble, and Matt Traum’s IndiaFlute and Beauty.

YouTube sampler video:

Full album can be streamed and downloaded at no cost: