Success Story - Guitar + Keyboard + Looping

I’ve been using ImageLine Minihost Modular to play live w/ my band. It worked very well for a while, I was able to run multiple controllers and wire everything as needed. I ran into a problem where Minihost was filtering out all PC messages which is how Amplitube changes presets so this made it a no go.

I then was searching for another live host and ran across Cantabile. I grabbed the free version and it worked perfectly. I was able to insert Amplitube, Tyrell Synth, and GLoop into Cantabile and route both Amplitube and Tyrell to GLoop so regardless of what I was playing I could loop/overdub.

I then decided that this was really cool and I wanted to see what the Solo version was like so I started that trial. The setlist feature is just so fantastic its ridiculous. I was able to create a “template” song that had Amplitube, Tyrell and GLoop already configured. The trick I did in the template was to use 4 pizMidi midiProgramChange plugins so I could set my pedal controller to always send PC 1-2-3-4 for the switch buttons, but the midiProgramChange plugin lets me change the PC number sent so in Amplitube I can simply set the presets I’m interested in using to those PC numbers and very easily get 4 full presets per song.

I use 3 controllers, Arturia Minilab and Line 6 FBV Shortboard and FBV Express. The bank up and down on the shortboard control navigate the setlist, the ABCD buttons choose a preset. I’ve globally mapped the two rocker pedals to a WAHWAH and a Volume pedal in Amplitube and the other 4 buttons on the Express control GLoop, record/overdub, play/stop, undo, and reset. That still leaves me 7 foot buttons for Amplitube preset specific control.

This is like a dream come true :slight_smile: I love gigging with my MS surface pro for guitar direct to the PA, unlimited sounds, nothing to lug around. I will definitely be buying Solo this month.

Question though, if I get Solo now, and then later try Performer, is there a discounted upgraded?

If anyone is interested in a more thorough explanation or screenshots let me know I’d be happy to take the time.

Hi @Lempface

That’s great - very pleased to hear this.

As for upgrading from Solo to Performer that’s fine. Just login to the portal, click on your Solo license and there’s an upgrade link there. The price will be the difference between the Solo and Performer price (ie: no penalty).