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Not related to Cantbile directly but hoping this is OK to post for the Cantabile big brains…

I have a lot of original music, and want ot monetize it as much as I can (to help pay for gear and software mostly :slight_smile: ). Here’s what I’d like to do, but can’t find a way to do it.

I’ve published music to multiple services already, and it is available on the iTunes store and other places.

Using the QR code (probably) $USD 15 annually would get them:

  • Point them to my music on the store
  • Access to previously released content
  • New content published 1x per month. This could be new music, occasionally live tracks fo existing songs, etc.
  • They would automatically renew on a yearly basis (can opt out, etc).
  • DRM: Music would be protected (e.g., if you end your subscription you wouldn’t get the music you hadn’t already downloaded, and what has been downloaded can’t be shared.

I know I could set this up on a website, but I think that puts multiple hurdles in front of the customer, including having to “sign up”, etc.

I’m hoping that Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, etc. have some type of infrastructure to do this that is available for me to opt into as a vendor and make this work.

Any thoughts?

Try bandcamp. There, the music can be previewed by who ever might be
looking, lots of people might all ready have the bandcamp app on there device,
so they can stream it after buying it. you can easily generate a QR code link to
your bandcamp page if you wanted to from a 3rd party site. unless a QR has
a description of what it is for, no one will scan it anyway (if there smart) :wink:

Some people will pay more than what your asking
for your work.:slight_smile: plus more money in your pocket.

It might not have the millions in exposure that other corporate bean counters might have.
You’ll have a better chance at being found i think.

Edit: the bullet list you created, is much like a patreon benefits for members list
maybe have a look at that also.

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Thanks Laura, and sorry for the delay - a few things getting in the way of this over the last few weeks, but it looks like this may be a good way to go.

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I recently setup a Bandcamp account and it works quite simply. I have had my first few sales, but I don’t expect to be on the cover of The Rolling Stone any time soon :slight_smile:


I might try bandcamp myself when i can finish more work and/or if I have some cover art made. :slight_smile: