Studiologic with Cantabile?

I’m looking into SL88+mixface setup and as I see many of you have similar setups, how to you manage program changes or song changes? Is there a way to set up some buttons to quickly trigger changes on a fly (during a song playing?) rather than scrolling a circular button?
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Yes, at least if you have Solo or Performer, then you can use bindings to go to next or previous song (or song state within a song, if that is needed). Personally I use the transport buttons, as I don’t need them for anything else, thus having them as generic buttons that works independently of what zone I have selected.

Thanks, good to hear you can use transport buttons, I wasn’t sure if they are programmable as well. How about arbitary non-linear patch changes? What’s the quickest way?
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Be aware that the transport buttons sends on another midi input than the rest of the mixface, and they send program change commands. I have the specifications if you need them, just let me know.

Regarding patch changes, I am not sure. I have wrapped all that kind of settings in states in the different instrument racks, so I have made a setup that picks the right state (and thus right patch) for a given song, plus used some of the transport buttons to navigate up and down through the states, but nothing to make arbitrary non-linear jumps. I would assume that you could use the buttons on the mixface, after all, you have four zones each with two sets (1 - 8 and 9 - 16), but it all depends on you needs, e.g. how many different patches you want to move to.

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Thanks! Looks good.


I’m using the nine Mixface’s sliders as Hammond vsts drawbar, buttons and kobs for misc uses. As Torsten said, transport and knob/slider MIDI are not on the same channel, but this is not a problem, Cantabile’s midi filters are quite powerful to manage them.

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I would add that depending on the DAW mode you set the SL to, transport commands differ. I could get some modes to work but not the others. IIRC I set it to Cubase mode and then use the Cantabile learn setting. YMMV but it does work!

FYI I usually use my Keylab MKII buttons and sliders as control surface; I got the SL for situations where I can’t just bring my Keylab, like playing on a different continent :smile: - the SL is setup so it behaves identically to the Keylab control surface. Verfy happy with it but only need it a couple of times a year.

Good point, DAW mode is important. I checked, I have mine set to Reason, and I got it to work, and as I don’t use the SL Mixface for controlling a DAW I just picked one.

You were lucky - not all DAW modes work with Cantabile - I had to try 2-3 before I had any luck :slight_smile: