Studio monitor headphone recommendations?

I have Audio Technica ATH M50’s which I love. I use them for privacy when practicing (and not driving my wife crazy, as well). They are great but I would l like to find something lighter weight, thus less tiring to my ears and head after extended wear (i.e., 45 minutes or longer). I want good sound quality of course, but studio quality sound is not a requirement in this case. Any suggestions?

Sennheiser HD600

comfortable and great sounding! Best I’ve ever had.

I should have mentioned that I’m trying to stay under $200; would not be adverse to buying something used (that’s how I picked up my M50s).

I’m still a fan of the venerable AKG K240s and you can get those for $60 now. :open_mouth: I’d say get the HD600s as well but on a budget the AKGs are comfy and pretty transparent. I wouldn’t necessarily mix on them but sounds like that’s not what you’re needing to do anyway.


$54 on Amazon. Good reviews; several reviewers described how comfortable they are to wear for long stretches. I’m sold and they’re ordered.

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Nice! Good, at least with Amazon it’s an easy return. Stuff like this is super subjective…

I just bought some K240 MkII. Still burning them in before evaluation.

I’ve always been a Sennheiser guy in the past. First impressions are good though and they’re very comfortable.

I normally monitor through monitors but my studio is in storage at the moment so I’m hoping these will suffice for now.

I looked at the MkII’s as well. Surprised to see that according to Amazon stats they weigh twice as much as the K240’s.

Received my K240’s today. Very comfortable, sound great, very pleased.


Another big thumbs up for K240. I’ve had a pair of the K240m version (m for monitor, high impedance 600 ohm) now for about 25 years. They’ve been extremely reliable, comfortable and sound great. I paid $350 for them back in the 90s and it was $350 extremely well spent.
I haven’t used the K240s version but I imagine the comfort factor is the same. Don’t know how they differ sound wise either.