Stuck midi notes -arrgggh!

All has been going well with my setup for months but now I’m getting occasional problems with a stuck midi note. It’s happened once at each of the past two band practices. In the heat of the moment, I have not gathered much information. I do know that it’s happened on the same keyboard, but with different plugins. I don’t think it was the same keyboard key but I can’t say for sure. I unplugged the USB cable but the note continued. I switched states in the song- still stuck. Then I switched songs and it stopped.

What steps do I need to go through to trouble-shoot this?

surely someone else on the forum has encountered this issue ?

Hi @LeesKeys

The best way to diagnose these kinds of issues is to enable MIDI logging. In Options -> Diagnostics -> Log MIDI In Events and Log VST Events. See if you can reproduce the issue and send me the log file so I can check it out.

That said I’m not aware of any issues with stuck notes. The few times this has been reported and a log file sent it’s been the note off event not received by Cantabile.

That said anything is possible but I’d need to understand what’s happening with a log file.


thanks Brad. Since I don’t know when it will occur, is it ok to just leave logging “on”?

You can, but test it first. Perhaps leave it on for practice, turn it off when live if you can.

Also, forgot to mention - don’t forget the panic button should kill any stuck notes. You can bind a button on your controller to this if you like (Target = Engine|All Sounds Off).

Could it be that you changed something on your keyboard (for example the transmit channel) while sustaining or holding some notes down? Some keyboards will send the note-off or pedal up message on the new channel, rather than clean up the note from the original channel, leading to a hanging note.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think I’ve ever had a stuck note in Cantabile (2 or 3), except for when I’ve sent a note-on into Cantabile from my keyboards without a corresponding note-off (in which case Cantabile correctly does exactly what it’s told and plays the note indefinitely).


Hello I’m encountering this, and I think @Neil_Durant is right.

Most of the time it is created by :

  • Play note (NoteOn) with pedal pressed for example on channel 1
  • Changing channel on keyboard to channel 2 (still pedal pressed)
  • Pedal realease (launch on channel2)

So the channel 1 note is still ringing… I know I can learn to correct this by playing better but is there a MIDI way to correct this ?

ideas :

  • PedalRelease sent on ALL CHANNEL
  • Changing channel automatically kill notes on previous channel (brutal mode)

I was experimenting with my m-audio Axiom 61 (relative encoding) and somehow ended up where I would get stuck notes occurring seemingly randomly. I reset the keyboard and the problem hasn’t happened since.

I have had terrible problems with stuck notes when my MIDI EXPRESS 128 was in a USB 3 port. Zero problems where in a USB 2 port

Also had similar problems on my Kronos, when I inadvertently has a pedal on my FC300 mapped to the sustain pedal CC! Doh!!