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I use Air Music Technology’s Structure 2 sampler on several songs, and it’s a great little plugin for the money with some really impressive sounds. Before converting to Cantabile, I was a Gig Performer user. I have noticed that the Database “search” function, which allows you to search for samples based on a text substring, does not work when I use Structure as a Cantabile plugin. Pressing Enter or clicking on the magnifying glass icon does nothing. However, this same search function DOES work when I use Gig Performer as the VST host program so I suspect it is an incompatibility between Structure and Cantabile. All other features seems to work fine, but I miss the search option when looking for that “needle in a haystack” sound. Have any other Structure 2 users experienced this same phenomenon?


Yes, same behavior here on version 3655


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Thanks for confirming, Dave. I neglected to mention that I am on 3653.

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Thanks for reporting - sounds like a bug. I’ll check it out when I return to Cantabile development next week.

Thank you, Brad!

Seems like they don’t have a demo or trial version of this plugin. Bear with me while I try to arrange a licence for testing…

Fixed in build 3657 - available now.


Thanks, Brad!! I will test tonight and report back.

Build 3657 working great with Structure 2 search function. Thanks, Brad!