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[Newbie disclaimer] Although I joined @terrybritton’s excellent webinar series, I am pretty new to actually using states.

So I am developing a song and I want to play Instrument A in Section 1 and Instrument B in Section 2. All I want to control (I think) is the State behavior “Run and Bypass Mode” for the plugin for Instruments A and B.

When I add my two states, they have a huge number of state behaviors that they control by default. For example, routes have 12 state behaviors that can be controlled individually for each route. If I create my states and subsequently continue development of my song (adding more plugins, routes, etc), I would need to either:

A – make sure that each of my states has the same state behavior for all those modifications I make after creating my states (Ugh), or

B – turn off the state behaviors on every single route, plugin, etc (double Ugh).

All I really want it to just control “Run and Bypass Mode” using states …

… What am I missing? Any suggestions appreciated!

Hi Clint

If all you are wanting to control is 2 different instruments (activate in one state, deactivate in another), it is very simple. Load your instruments, and deactivate the routing for B> save state> create 2nd state> deactivate A routing> activate B routing> save 2nd state. Again, this is the easiest way.
I can send you an example if you like. If there is something more I am missing, I will gladly get you thru it.
You can easily add more things to your states later.



Thanks @Corky!

So what I think you are saying is to do the states at the end, after everything is “set” with the song.

If I use your method before I am finished with song development, then the two states will tend to differ in more than just the activation of the two routes … because I will have one or another state selected when I am modifying things other than those routes …

And if I do make modifications to my song after creating the states, I could delete the states and re-create them (which seems like a hassle …)

It is according to what changes you are making. Example: I use states to change notes, instruments, add fx…and so on, as the song progresses. As far as just activating/deactivating instruments, that can be done without states, by simply adding a button binding from controller to routing.

I set up states, usually based on lyric changes with notes. I add many more things afterward as I go thru song setup, for anything I might need. No need to recreate a state…just make your changes as you progress and save the changes.

You can add, or subtract, anything in a state at anytime. You can also duplicate a state.

Can you give me a more specific idea on what you plan to do? It would help us move away from generic answers, lol. :wink:

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Torsten explained very eloquently, a few days ago, how he uses states in the following. See if this helps.

That’s the answer for me! I was so fixated on using States that I didn’t think of simply controlling my routes directly using bindings. I’m using specific notes high on the Sylphyo to switch on and off instruments … I think keyboard players call these “keyswitches”.

For reference, here is specifically how to create bindings to routes in Cantabile: Bindings - Cantabile - Software for Performing Musicians

Thanks @Corky !!


Glad I could help. BTW…did you ever get that flute working like you wanted it?

It’s fantastic! I’ve got it with me on a 5 week trip from Portugal to Croatia. Using Cantabile for playing and recording … it’s great. Done about 6 songs so far. Current project is to play a brass ensemble for Fanfare for the Common Man (a la ELP, with an extended jazz improv in the middle) … loads of fun!

BTW, your reports on your recent gigs are very encouraging!

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