Strange Split behavior

The Desired End Goal is to split the keyboard between two different VSTs in the same rack, each to its own note range.

I’m trying to split my keyboard into two different VSTs that are in the same rack. Currently running 4150, but I saw the same behavior under the last 3.x release.

I tried both VSTs outside of Cantabile and they work as I expect.

I’m splitting my keyboard input at E2> and <D#2. ABOVE the split things work as I expect.

But BELOW the split the VST continues to make sound, but transposed UP two octaves, even though the notes are supposed to be filtered.

I’ve tried this with several different VSTs and I see identical behavior.

I get the same result whether I’m filtering the routes within the rack, or if I add an extra input and filter Outside the rack.

What switch am I missing?

Hi Charles,

Can you post your song and rack you are using for this? It may help us figure out what’s up.

Thanks, :slight_smile:


Naturally I’m swamped and won’t get to this until Sunday or Monday.

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No problem, it will get done … :wink: