Strange "Save changes" behaviour with transpose

I came across something unusual this week:

  1. Set up two empty songs, A and B in a setlist (they don’t have to be empty, but this is the simplest case, and can be called anything)
  2. Switch between them in the setlist - Cantabile correctly doesn’t ask to save changes
  3. Now modify the transpose setting on the “input ports” row in song A
  4. Switch to song B - Cantabile reasonably asks to save changes - say Yes
  5. Now switch from B back to A, having not made any changes to B. Cantabile strangely asks to save changes to B. Say Yes.
  6. Keep switching back and forth between A and B - Cantabile keeps asking to save changes, every time.

It’s as if the transpose setting is applied to the song after loading, and so Cantabile thinks it’s a change the user has made, or something. Harmless, but a bit irritating for anyone using song transpose!


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Ran into the same thing, thanks for mentioning it Neil…

I’ve reproduced this - I’ll fix it.

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Fixed in 3183, available now.


Thanks @brad, confirmed fixed in 3183 :relaxed: