Strange problem with Media Player

Cantabile 3585. Song file containing two States: ‘Intro’ and ‘Main’. States are selected by bindings to points on the timeline.

I had to swap a backing track last night, so I went to the Song’s Media Player and added the new track to its content list.

Back in the Song’s routing view (State ‘Intro’ is selected) I clicked on the currently selected media file and selected the new backing track. Cantabile hung for a while, then crashed, sending me back to the desktop.

I re-started Cantabile and went through the same process above. This time the new backing track was selected.

This Song has two states ‘1: Intro’ and ‘2: Main’. Every time I went to ‘Main’ the state immediately jumped back to ‘Intro’.

In state ‘Intro’ I re-selected the old backing track. Now I could selected ‘Main’ state without it jumping back.

I went to state ‘Main’ and changed the backing track there to the new one. I then went back to state ‘Intro’ and changed the backing track there to the new one. All good.

Moving to the next Song I went through the same process. Each time I tried to change the backing track for the first time Cantabile crashed, then on the second attempt it worked as long as I changed the States backwards from the last.

Some odd behaviours here!