Storing Lighting positions using "Route Gain" as a variable?

I’m looking at the best workflow for storing and then adjusting position values on lighting fixtures. Specifically pan and tilt for 8 moving heads.

Ideally I’d like to use a Korg NanoKontrol to quickly bring up each scene in the lighting software, and then with the sliders and knobs adjust pan and tilt for each mover, and to quickly move from each scene to scene. There will be around 10 scenes, so 160 values to store.

I think I can get a better workflow using Cantabile than the software itself.

My idea is to use the “gain” of an audio route to store each value.

Create a new rack.
Go into the rack
Add 16 routes from Rack Stereo In to Rack Stereo Out. Tick the Gain Level state behaviour box for each route
Name each of the 16 routes for pan and tilt for each of the 8 movers.
Create 10 rack states. Each state will be a scene.
Create 16 state target bindings going from each route gain to an external MIDI port to send out the values to the lighting software for each state
Create 16 source bindings from the Nano Kontrol faders and knobs to the route gain faders
Add another binding from the Nano Kontrol to cycle through the rack states.

Anyone see any issues in using a route gain in this way? I will need the rack to save the values each time I exit.


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Hi @a6325435

Yep I’ve heard of others using audio route gain sliders as hacky “Variables” and I’m not aware of any issues with this. (except that it’s hacky :slight_smile: )

It’s certainly a reasonable workaround until I add support for rack variables.


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Hi a???..,

something similiarly I am using for Audio-Busses.
Therefor you need an embedded rack inside of a linked rack with 16 different Audio-Outs. You route the output of the embedded rack 16ntimes to the 16 outer linked rack outputs. Something like this:

Now you have to rename each output of the embedded rack and go to the binding page of the linked rack to make midiconnection of your needs. With the rack states you can enable or disable this bindings. When enabling, Cantabile sends the volume-values to your midi/dmx gear.

In this manner you would be free, to create as many similiar racks as you like in a song for a whole bunch of more possibilities.


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