Stopping engine and restarting cuts processing load by 50%?

Anyone ever have this? I load a set and going into my first patch, opening song the CPU is at about 65%. On the 2nd song there would be spots where it hits 100. But- if I stop the engine and restart it drops by almost half; that first song would start at maybe 35% and the 2nd won’t go over 50. Any ideas why this might be?

BTW I keep forgetting to check this specifically but I’m fairly sure this only happens when preloading the whole set, not on any of the individual songs. Not entirely sure though.

I experience the same phenomena, so I configured a shortkey in order to be able to quickly restart audio engine and get the audio load drop to normal level.

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I use restart engine with a binding in background rack. Bound to a button on my midi controller.
I do it to feel safe in case of stuck notes.
But I never checked if this helps on audio engine load…

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It would be nice if this restart audio engine could be configured to happen automatically after loading a set (being human I could forget to hit a hot key!) - assuming that is not already an option?

But I guess the question would be what causes this behaviour and can it be eliminated?

I just tested this with a set list of six songs and you are right.

  • Paul

Create a binding in the background rack that does it automatically :blush:

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Yes that’s an idea, I’ll try that when I’m back home. :slight_smile:

I’m still curious as to why this happens though. Any thoughts/comments @brad?

Ah so this IS a thing! Thought it was probably just me.

Just to be clear are you checking CPU load or Cantabile’s audio processing meter? They’re not entirely the same thing.

True- I’m talking about the internal meter. I’m editing the topic headline.

Maybe create a dummy song with an on load binding that does start-stop then loads the next song.

Wait, wasn’t there something about putting an engine stop between songs a while back?

Yes. If you work like me with master-FX in the background-rack you will cut the sound when changing from one song to another.