Sticky Highlighting with On-Screen Keyboard (possible bug?)

I noticed (Noob user here, so maybe this is normal) … that the On-screen keyboard has unusual / unexpected behavior with held notes.

  • Ctrl-Click turns on the color highlighting and plays the note. (good)

  • (no-Ctrl) Click plays an extra-loud note, then turns off the sound, and leaves the color highlighting on (bug?)

  • The highlighting does not turn off until Ctrl-Click is again done.

-Clint Goss

I should have mentioned: Win10x64 v3665

Hi Clint and Welcome,

The onscreen keyboard behaves as follows. On a 2 button mouse for a right hander the keft button is the momentary note clicker. It does not lock notes. When clicking the keys with this button the keyboard is velocity sensitive so it matters where you click on the key as to how loud it will make the note be because of the velocity value. This is especially noticable on Velocity type instruments like pianos . This pic shows the velocity range for a click on a single key from hardest velocity to softest velocity .

SnapShot 15189

It’ might explain why it got loud on that click you mentioned.

The right mouse button locks the note you click it on and it stays on till you click it again or hit the panic button on the upper right of the toolbar. You don’t need Ctrl keys for it to work. It sounds like you have discovered this behavior already

Hope this helps and



Thank you @dave_dore … Ctrl-LeftClick seems to be identical to RightClick in all respects.

The issue I am thinking of is that the blue highlighting on the keyboard key stays on even after the key is turned off. If you do RightClick then LeftClick on the same key, the sound is stopped, but the key stays blue. This may be a bug, or maybe as intended …

It is as intended …