Steve Porcaro meets CS-80 V

Even though this is an ad for Arturia, it gives quite an insight on Steve’s use of the CS-80 V.


It was a good video to watch - saw it a few days back, and whilst it is an Ad for Arturia it was good to hear the comparison between the real thing and the VST.

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And I’m thinking WOW . . he has a CS-80 that still works perfectly . . .

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Speaking of CS-80…
Here’s a glorious modern take on it:

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Pretty annoying commentator iMO….

If you haven’t experienced Sam before, he’s definitely an “acquired taste” :joy:

And reviewing synths isn’t really his core strength - he is a “positive madman” in the electronics scene, building some out-of-this world audio electronics projects, like the “Kilo-Drone” made up of 1000 oscillators:

or the “Furby organ”:

The hyper-active mad-scientist presentation style is just part of his brand - it has generated him a half million followers and a pretty active Patreon, so seems effective :wink:


Great video and insights into his thinking. I bought the Arturia V8 when it was on offer about a year ago, such great renditions of classics. I used to own a Juno 60 , so ist great to have it back and so many others without the fear of repair :-)Talking of repair…I enjoyed this series …shows inside CS80 and. team of guys with a real passion for Engineering


That was a great one, and amazing what they did to get it restored

Not to my taste I am afraid. I stopped watching after a few mins.

I am trying to figure out which controller keyboard Steve uses and whether it has poly aftertouch.

Got a chance to meet him and Joe Williams before a Toto gig a few years ago. Steve was my hero for many years and still is in a way… and just a nice guy.

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There’s a couple 90s Ensoniq synths with poly aftertouch that can usually be found at reasonable prices…

I believe it’s this one:

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