Steinberg Ci1 Audio Interface - Any issues with Cantabile communication?

Hello … haven’t been around in a while. I’m looking to pick up an Audio Interface - Steinberg Ci1 - and reaching out to see if there are any issues with Cantabile communicating with it or if there’s something I need to do for their communication. ??

I believe this is an older unit [no longer in production] so getting it cheap and looking online it’s supposed to come with Wavelab LE and or Sequel LE, however I don’t think the guy has the cd rom and really I like using Cantabile.
The DAW should not make a difference…correct?

As long as that software drivers are updated with the operating system you will use… No drivers, no fun.

Cheers …thanks Furio.
I decided to take a pass on the interface but good to know there shouldn’t be any communication issues between any audio interface and Cantabile.


Just don’t lumber yourself with an interface that relies on ASIO4ALL. That way lies latency. You should choose an interface with native (preferably ASIO) drivers.

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