Stats after 100 Builds

I’ve just put up Cantabile 3 build 3100 and since this is the 100th build since the first preview I thought it might be fun to checkout some stats:

Since Preview 1:

  • 100 builds
  • 79 new features
  • 45 improvements
  • 196 bug fixes
  • 423 days (just over 14 months)
  • 1 build every 4-5 days (avg)
  • 141K insertions
  • 51K deletions

Overall v3 project stats:

  • 59K C/C++ lines in 368 files (audio engine)
  • 101K C# lines in 590 files (everything else)
  • 119 image assets
  • 712 days (almost 2 years!)

It’s come along way from this:

to this:


I think I kept them all in a folder and was wondering if it would make 100 , quite a journey Brad. Almost ready to launch and well before 200!! :smile:

“The Complete Collector’s Set.” :slight_smile:

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I find this amazing - just under 2.5 bugs per feature. I wish the we could achieve anything close to that on my software dev team at work!

Also considering the comprehensive feature set it’s a surprisingly small codebase.

Brad, if you ever find yourself living in London and looking for work, let me know :smiley:


It is an impressive effort you have done Brad.

But Cantabile has also turned out to be a VST host in its own league :grinning:


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