Static when Activated

I’m having a small problem with my chain, and I’m not sure what is going on.

The Setup is basically running Cantabile into VoiceMeeter Potato via VAC. My Chain is as follows:

Mic In -> LoudMax64 -> reacomp-standalone -> reagate-standalong -> Protoverbx64 -> reaeq-standalone -> reafir-standalone -> out

The problem is that when I go live with my stream (this is for streaming) My voice becomes extremely robotic. I thought at first Protoverb was causing the problem, but I have the settings completely to the dry side. Literally the only way it works is if I bypass the chain all together.

What could be causing this?

Have you tried bypassing all plugins in Cantabile, then activating them one by one? Should get you closer to understanding what’s going on…

Yea, I tried them one at a time… but I figured it out… it was the buffer… I had not checked the option for Double Buffered Audio