States list disappears


States disappearing…

Ok, I’m getting another weird one…

After a while, sometimes, the list of song states disappears, like the picture…

This has happened in 32xx and now in 35xx




I can’t say I’ve seen this one before and surprised you’re getting it in 32xx

Is there anything in particular that seems to trigger it? Does it come back if you switch to another song?

I noticed the state behaviour panel is blank too - is that a problem too or is it just that you have nothing selected?



I don’t know what triggers it, I just notice it’s gone sometimes…

I’m glad I’m getting all the issues that no-one else has, makes me feel special… :roll_eyes:



Oh, and the state behaviour panel is blank because there’s no states to select in the states list?



Hrm… not really sure what to suggest. Next time it happens, try to take note of anything you did just before. Also, try resizing the sidebar to force a repaint. I’d be interested to hear if that brings in back or not.


Hi @brad,

Just to let you know, this is still happening, on build 3543, can’t work out why it’s doing it, resizing the bar doesn’t bring it back and I can’t make it do it when I want to!




Hi Pierce,

Sorry to hear this. I’ve just done some more testing here and I can’t reproduce it at all. I’ve also been watching for it since your original post and haven’t seen it even once to be able to investigate.

If you’ve got a few minutes it would probably be worth playing around with these settings to see if any make a difference: