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I’m new to this software so apologies for stupidness and if this was addressed earlier, I couldn’t find it.

I play in a blues rock band so I don’t have a need for a super complicated set up with setlists and multiple songs. Ideally, I would just have one master song and use buttons on the Nano to control what sound was used on the top keyboard and what sound is on the bottom.

My setup is two Novation Impulse 61 boards and one Korg Nano Control. I am using Kontakt 5 for most of my sounds (vb 3 being the one exception). I currently have two Kontakt plugins in my song, one for each of the boards. I have 5 instruments in each instance of Kontakt, each listening to a different midi channel. (thinking about it now, I probably don’t need two, but I don’t think that changes the nature of my question below).

I have figured out how to bind the buttons on the nano to change the midi routes for each input to a different channel. What I have NOT figured out is how to make a binding/state/whatever so that when I push a button on the nano to change the route for one keyboard, but leave the other unchanged. Make sense? I don’t want to have 25 (5x5) different states to cover each combination.

Ideas? I’m probably just going about this entirely wrong :smile:


Hey Jeff,

The key (ahem) issue here is, how many completely discrete setups do you need?
For every unique combination you require one button access too, you would usually create a unique state.
In your case, the defining of each required state would be in choosing which keyboard addresses which channel(s) of your Kontakts and VB3, and perhaps whether there are any splits involved.
There are a few ways to skin this cat…
You could get away with no states if you directly access the plugin patches, for example.

For reference, posting my answer to Jeff via email:

the best way to separate the 5x5 matrix problem is to create a rack for each board and have your song route each keyboard to each rack. Then each rack can have it’s own set of states and bindings to do things specific to just that keyboard - ie: it becomes like two separate songs running at the same time, one for each keyboard.


Bingo!! Building a rack for each keyboard did the trick. It also made it very easy to set up a master volume for each keyboard/rack.

Thanks for the help!

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Hey Jeff. No problem - glad you got it working.