State Behavior (Binding)


It would be great if you could add the source also to state behavior (like target)

…in my case I comunicate with a controller and want to send different values of a vst…so each state is linked to an other source…

Shure I can do this with a binding per state but it would be a claner way to have only two bindings one for out and one for in

Cheers Jürgen


this is the result… many bindings…is there a way to give the same access for source than for target? do this with 2 bindings

1 here I can change the target with state behavior for each state

2 here I need a binding for each state to do the same for source

Cheers Jürgen

Why don’t you use the state index binding?
Isn’t it available as source?

I’am sorry but I don’t know what you mean …can you explain with an example how to use Index to bind a specific VST-Value.

I never tested this befor…

I think this is only to switch Presets in my VST (but the Preset is everytime the same).
…I only want to read/write the Values from the specific memorys/ Knobs

Thanks Jürgen

Jürgen, I think I understand what you are trying to do.

Taking the example of having several knobs which already have a CC# assignment, I take it, you would like states to change to each knob sending that out of the rack to something else. So you can switch via states to Knob 1 CC#16 then to Knob 2 CC#17 then to Knob 3 CC#18, etc. Is that right?

You are correct that not having the “Source” item as a selection forces you to make MANY bindings - as many as you have knobs with unique CC# assignments.

Why do you want to switch among them rather than leaving all those controls live at all times?


Hi Terry,

(at first it works …so it is not an experiment )

and…all Knobs represents the same controller because they comunicate all with the same slider in my Touchcontroll

the VST-knobs are comunicating over OSC with Lightjams

…when I calibrate my movingheads to a specific location I need this tool to set the absolut positions of my beams.
so I can correct each position I want.

Each knob of my vst represents a position value and so the result is that only one Pan and only one tilt value can be active at one time.

when I also call ‘Audience’ all Movingheads turn to audience and I can correct this value with my finetuning.

at next I call 45° and the heads move to this Tilt value… so I can step all values up/down…

hope this explain what I do.

In the pic you can see my linked touch controll to this C3-Rack

The big wheels allow me the finetuning of my Scanner’s and Movingheads…

Cheers Jürgen

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I get it. Cool. For sure a “source” state would be handy here.