Startup problem in Windows

Hello there!

I’m encountering an issue with Cantabile, and I’m hoping that someone who has experienced a similar problem can assist me.

I’m using Cantabile as a VST host for Voicemeeter. To save time, I have set Voicemeeter and Cantabile to start up with Windows. However, there’s a recurring issue where Cantabile starts successfully, but the audio doesn’t get processed by Voicemeeter (please see the attached screenshot). 2

To resolve this, I find that I need to close Cantabile and restart it, at which point it works as expected. Is it possible that this issue arises because Cantabile might be launching before Voicemeeter, leading to a conflict of some sort?

I appreciate your assistance in advance!

Hi there,
Voicemeeter is notoriously unstable in this context. I would highly recommend letting Voicemeeter load on startup and then run Cantabile.


Yes, initially, I believed it was a Cantabile issue, but there appears to be a conflict if it initiates before Voicemeeter. So thanks!

P.S. For anyone encountering the same problem, you can resolve it by scheduling a Windows task to start the program with a 30-second delay.