Staging Previous/Next Song in Setlist but not loading the Song?

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Hi folks, long time since I’ve visited but I’ve been out of the live gigging scene for a few years and just getting back to it this Saturday. I did a bit of scrolling back to see if this has been addressed, but did not see anything.

I have a small midi foot controller that has three stomp switches, each of which can send any CC or PC message. What I want to do is bind two of the stompers to previous and next Song in the current setlist, but not actually load that song until I stomp the third switch. Does that make sense?

There are times when we switch song order on the fly, or skip a song or two. I’d rather not be loading NEXT or PREVIOUS immediately. Kinda like when I click the song name in the UI vs clicking the little radio button to the left of the song.

Is there a way to do this using global bindings?

~ vonnor

Hi Vonner, I may not be understanding you very well, but, I don’t get why you would want a song suspended while you load a different song. Let me explain what I do…
I am doing pretty much the same thing you are doing, with pedals and such. In my gig last Saturday, we started drifting away from the set list order. I used my mouse to click the 3rd song in order instead of the 1st. It took maybe 3-5 seconds at the most, as everything loads instantly. In another way, could use your 3rd switch to advance to the next song, until you reach the one you want.
I prefer the mouse method…it is really quick, and I’m not loading several “next songs” in between. I may be wrong, but I don’t think there is a binding for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and on. The problem is, you don’t have a consistent jump to whatever you are trying to target. But, it is possible that some of the resident gurus may be able to come up with something I’m not aware of.



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You can set a binding to each song using Program Change MIDI messages. I use the Grid for when we drift from the song list. I have a button on my controller that brings up the grid view. Then, click with mouse or use touch screen. Eazy-peezy.

There are always multiple ways to do things in Cantabile.

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Hi @vonnor

Cantabile doesn’t have support for this - interesting idea though

What you can do which achieves a similar effect is used delay load bindings. What these do is let you step through your set list from song to song, but nothing is loaded until you stop next/previous for a few seconds then it loads the selected song.

What you want are the “(Delayed)” bindings:

Does that help?


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Hey guys, I appreciate the suggestions. I do need to figure out a way to work around this and your ideas do help, thank you… Here is my situation:

In my live setup, the laptop screen is in line of sight but not easy reach. I like the ability to cue up the next song even if both hands are busy playing the current song, which I was doing until a couple weeks ago.

I have a midi foot controller that holds it’s own list of songs titles and the corresponding direct PC# for each song in a setlist (FAMC Liquid Foot+ Mini) but it recently started acting very glitchy - switches are double and triple-triggering randomly - so I purchased a simpler 3-button foot switch where I can define single midi commands for each of the three stompers.

I think Brad’s idea of delayed triggering may be the best route, but I’d have to wait until the current song ends before moving to the song we’re playing next (which 9 times out of 10 is just the next one on the current Cantabile setlist).

~ vonnor