Split option in Lite version

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was very happy to find this software :slight_smile:
Probably a newbie question, but I haven’t found any info regarding this function.
I’m trying now the Lite version, and I understand filtering functions are not available, but from previous posts, I’ve got the impression that the splitting method is available via MIDI route setup button.
All I have available is the routing options for MIDI channels only, without the additional key-range, velocity, and other parameters. Is it just a “Lite” version limitation or may I missed something?

Hi Lurya and Welcome!

Sorry but that is indeed a Lite limitation. Solo and performer have it though.


Hi Lurya,

Welcome to the Cantabile community. I started on Lite for about 6 months. During that time I tested a lot of free (and some paid) VST’s and got everything working nicely for practice. Then I started performing with Cantabile and realized I needed at least the Solo version to quickly switch songs using bindings to my Axiom 61 keyboard.

Solo does keyboard splits and isn’t too expensive, There is no penalty for upgrading in steps.

I eventually upgraded to Performer so I could share “Linked Racks” across songs. I have to admit there was another reason - I was being lazy and didn’t want to ever have to sort out again if a tip shared here would work for the version I was on. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for your reply!