Split Keyboard Always splits at C4 for me even when changing Split Point

Simple question,
When I add a Split Keyboard filter to an input it always splits at C4 even if I change the Split point. I’m not doing anything complicated so I’m confused. What am I missing? Other filters work fine.
Running Performer (x64) 4.0 Build 4061

Hi rmartens,

It’s working here on 4063. I’m curious what kind of split you are making. Is it to a multi MIDI channel VST like VB3 II Organ or other Hammond?


Working on 4062.

Midi channels changes and notes are transposed. Split moved from C4.

dave_dore Thanks, I’m using Multi-Rack in Kontakt. I have two instruments in the Multi-Rack, one on channel 1 and the other on channel 2
easteelreath Thanks, I tried the logging output of the post MIDI Filter logging and the split seems to be working so I’m not sure why it is splitting at C4.

I deleted the instance of Kontakt and re-added the split and it works now. I’m not an expert at Kontakt but obviously I had done something to mess it up. I don’t tend to do advanced things with it so not sure what I did. Are there splits or key ranges in Kontakt? Thanks for the help

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