Spitfire Audio Labs

Is anyone else loving Spitfire Audio Labs? I can’t believe it’s free. It runs effortlessly on C3. Soft piano is fantastic. I immediately downloaded Electric Piano, Wurlitzer and Strings. These are just warm, lush high quality instruments.

Apologies if this has been covered before.

I bought the Northern Vintage Keys plug when it first came out. I also have Albion. They were not free. Most of their Orchestral plugs use the same samples, so other than the processing on a particular plug, they sound just alike. The labs were free, but were limited. I don’t remember why I never used them, but I would assume it was because of the large samples straining my system at the time.

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They are very large samples. What drew me to try them was there was a topic on the Sonic Talk podcast, and the entire panel was very complementary. I was really happy with the sound quality (just as good or better than some of my paid plugins.)

Though, like you said, there are limitations. Nevertheless, it does work for me. My needs are very basic. Strings and other sounds are used only here and there. I play mostly Hammond organ.

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Which happens to be my favorite! As if it is not known in this forum. :grin:


I saw somewhere recently that the Labs Strings are cut down versions of the older discontinued version of Albion, which would make sense from a marketing plan point of view. Way less numbers of articulations and no round-robins. But whats there sounds nice and it is free.

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Check out the BBC Symphony Orchestra also from Spitfire which can be had for free. Amazing Quality. Haven’t found an issue with resources or sample size but then I’ve just upgraded my tablet .:notes::smiley:

Hi, The sound for Soft Piano sounded great. However, the Spitfire website says I have to download the Spitfire Audi Labs App, and when I tried that on my Windows 10 64 bit pc, I got a message saying this site was unsafe and blocked me.
Has anyone else had this problem ?

Thanks! I’ll have to have a look…

I have Win10 64 bit. I haven’t had an issue. I’m sorry that I can’t be more helpful.