Spectrasonics Has A New Toy!

Spectrasonics new offering:


It seems Spectrasonics is transitioning to a Kontakt type approach for new libraries. The new Sonic Extensions are $150 each, and require Omnisphere 2.8.
Nylon Sky sounds amazing!


Very impressed with the demo’s, not so much with the pricing!

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As much as I love Omnisphere, I can’t say I would go for any of these, and not at that price, and I probably have way to many sound sources as it is, so time to focus om what I do have. :slight_smile:


My entire rig is just my Montage 7 for HW. VST only consists of Keyscape, Omnisphere and B3-X. These are stabilized with Waves L2 on a Master Bus. Running C3 on a 13" Galaxy i7 2 in 1. No audio interface since the Montage has an on board, very powerful Steinberg audio interface. Not many keyboard sounds left on the planet that I need to reproduce.

Only thing, is it’s a $5000 investment!

We have been getting paid very well for gigs, so I had a chance to invest in a solid rig.

I have been a Spectrasonics fan for a very long time. I still have my complete Spectrasonics Akai S3000 CD collection, from way back, that was summated into Omni, so I bought Omnisphere and shelved my CD’s. I think the quality of those old samples are timeless. East West was the same.

Then Omni included (for free) their hardware synth collection! Amazing! Yes, Spectrasonics is very expensive, but is my bread and butter, for certain.

Thanks Corky! I am going to check those out!


Love Omnisphere as well, but have no need for these. Others might do if course :slight_smile:

I saw John “Skippy” Lemkuhl talking about that (PluginGuru) and he described the new approach to patches (scenes). Very cool and wantable.